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What is a Fatscan Lite Smart Milk Analyzer? Fatscan Lite Smart Milk Analyzer is a user-friendly device that rapidly, accurately and effortlessly measures the properties of cow, buffalo and mixed milk. Its unique approach offers high-performance analytical solutions with technologically advanced features that carefully calibrate the characteristics of milk according to the needs and requirements of customers.   What Can You Analyze? You can accurately analyze cow and buffalo milk properties such as fat, SNF, added water, density, protein and lactose. By effectively analyzing various milk properties, this device enables dairy farmers, processing units and industries to enhance quality control and optimize their dairy practices and businesses.   Where Can You Analyze? At the Dairy farms, Dairy businesses and outlets and Milk Collection Centers. Analysis Time Less Than or equal to 39 seconds.  <= 39 seconds. Measurement Principle: Ultrasonic technology Measuring Parameters Fat, SNF, added water, density, protein and lactose of cow, buffalo & mixed milk; display, mechanical and electrical parameters; operational facilities, user interface, accessories and environmental conditions.


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