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ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions includes all core transactions of milk procurement operations which are completely integrated with purchase, inventory and finance modules. Multi-company, multi-user and dynamic workflow assignments offer versatility to enhance business policies and elevate your dairy operations. With Everest Instruments’ Digital Solutions, you can experience high-end digitized offerings and platforms where dairy businesses can efficiently execute various initiatives and activities.

Digitized ERP Modules

Milk Procurement

Provides a graphical representation of MIS data and other MIS reports with accuracy. It also has features like a data processing unit and RMRD or DOCK automation to name a few.


Caters dynamic multi-purchase terms, payment and tax structures along with multiple receipts and location of deliveries. Its budgeting controls manage Copex and Opex, cost centers and departments for each transaction.

Inventory &
Material Management

Helps optimize dead stocks, raise requisitions notifications and cost of moving items. It also provides real-time stock details and improves the inventory turnover rate.

Manufacturing Or

Easily processes complex and multi-level Bill Of Material. It auto-creates work and production orders from sales documents and tightly integrates with other modules like inventory.

Sales &

An extension to the normal sales order and delivery challan flow where retailers, distributors and customers can register through mobile apps. It also helps generate sales invoices and route-specific gate passes.


The fixed asset module manages asset registration, classification, tagging and disposal of composite assets. It also supports and calculates various depreciation methods at specific intervals.

Accounts &

Manages accounting for purchases and sales, direct posting of procurement-generated payables and dynamic COA configuration. It also delivers precise GL Mapping, ensures efficient operations and optimizes fund management.


An advanced, reliable and hassle-free system that helps manage, integrate and automate all your organization’s HR processes. It is a customized solution essential for streamlining recruiting and administration.

Available Solutions

Efficient milk procurement solutions tailored to your needs through both a centralized PC-based system and a cloud or web-based application with real-time accessibility.

Android-based Web Solution.

PC-based RMRD

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