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Milk Measurement and Milk Sampling System for Milk Tanker

Milk Measurement and Milk Sampling System for Milk Tanker

What is Automatic Milk Measurement & Milk Sampling System?

The Automatic milk measurement and sampling system is answer to the rising demands of profitability and effectiveness in the milk collection process. Instead of employing an error prone air separation system, we successfully uses air sensor technology. High speeds and absolute precision have revolutionized the milk intake at the farm. Within milliseconds, an absolute accurate and constant density and volume measurement is taken. The bubble sensors employed assure correct and unaltered measurement results.


All involved parties profit: trucking companies, dairies and farmers. The low weight of the measurement and sampling system decreases the total vehicle weight and thus facilitates a higher payload in milk and reduces fuel costs. That means lower costs and higher profits for trucking companies. The automatic milk measurement and sampling system increases not only the profitability, but also the performance in milk collection!

Where Can You Analyze?

At the Dairy farms, Dairy businesses and outlets and Milk Collection Centers.

Suction performance

max. 1350 l/min at milk intake

max. 2000 l/min during circulation

Technology:   Air sensor technology

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    Adaptable To Any Self-Primming Pump

    Seamless integration with various self-primming pump models that provides flexibility and compatibility to suit the different farm setups. This adaptable feature ensures efficient milk monitoring and sampling collection without the need for any additional ejectors or water pumps.

    Air Sensing Technology

    Equipped with air sensing technology, this system can detect and prevent the intake of air during the milk monitoring and measurement process. Thus, ensuring reliable measurement, sampling and prevention of any unwanted air that contaminates the milk while maintaining safety and quality.

    GPRS Data Connection & GPS Technology

    Featuring GPRS data connection allows real-time data transmission and ensures efficient tracking and monitoring of milk sampling. With GPS integration, it can effectively collect data and measure system-specific data.

    Remote Online Diagnostics & Updates

    Experience a system that can monitor and diagnose issues remotely while ensuring swift troubleshooting and maintenance. Additionally, it can receive remote updates enabling reliable and smooth operations.

    Electric, Battery and Hydraulic Drive

    With the electric, battery and hydraulic feature enables continuous power, swift and effortless productivity, mobility and independence from other power sources and is suitable for diverse industrial environments. Thus, making the entire milk measurement and sampling system reliable and of low maintenance.

    Technical Specifications

    Included calibrations
    Operating voltageDC 24 V (9 - 36 V) on-board power supply (load dump fixed, stabilized
    Emergency operationOn-board power supply 24 V (valves)
    Valve terminal6 bar (maintenance unit)
    Suction powermax. 1000 l/min, max. 60 m3 /h (depending on pump)
    Connections2,5'' Clamp, Purge line DN 40
    Precision≤ 0,5 %
    Lowest intake quantity50 l
    CIPYes, max. 85 ˚C @ 2 bar
    Operating Temperature0 ... + 85 ˚C medium; - 20 ... + 50 ˚C electronics
    Storage Temperature- 20 ... + 60 ˚C (without fluid)
    Protection typeIP 65
    Material of Milk ConduitV2 A; PTFE; PEEK; POM
    Dimensions WeightSee dimensional drawing
    Weight approx.230 kg

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    Solutions For Seamless Business Operations

    At Everest Instruments, our services do not end with a sale or a purchase. It is only the beginning of a journey of trust and continuity, ensuring your business operations are safeguarded throughout. Our cutting-edge devices simplify the entire process of milk measurement and collection. Explore our range of cost-efficient and automated instruments that are compact, lightweight and designed to improve overall product quality and meet the dairy and F&B industry needs.

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