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What is CDR FoodLabs for Wine?

CDR FoodLabs for Wine is an innovative thermostatically controlled analyzer based on photometric technology featuring LED emitters and reagents with low toxicity. This advanced analytical system simplifies and optimizes traditional testing methods making it faster, easier and more reliable for wine analysis without requiring multiple devices. With just one analyzer, this device efficiently detects contaminants and chemical residues, identifies quality inconsistencies and ensures product safety.

What Can You Analyze?

CDR FoodLabs For Beverage can perform a wide range of tests on wine, enabling quality analyses and efficient monitoring of the wine-making process, from harvesting to bottling.

Where Can You Analyze?

You can analyze in laboratories, in production facilities and in the wine cellar, without the need for specialized personnels.

Analysis Time

In 10 minutes.

Measurement Principle

Photometric technology

Measuring Parameters

A complete analysis panel to measure Acetic Acid, Total Acidity, Fermentable Sugars, L-Malic Acid, L-Lactic Acid, Alcohol by Volume, Total Sulfur Dioxide, Free Sulfur Dioxide, Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen, Calcium, Galacturonic Acid, Gluconic Acid, pH, and Color (tonality and intensity), Acetaldehyde (Ethanal), Catechins, Copper, Anthocyanins Extraction on Grapes, Total Anthocyanins, Total Polyphenols Index, Total Polyphenols Index (Folin Ciocalteu), Polymerised Anthocyanins, HCL Index, Tannins and Glycerol.


Swift & Time Saving Analysis

CDR FoodLabs For Wine helps you independently and efficiently carry out the analysis without the need for external laboratories or relying on technical experts. Its multitasking features also contribute to reducing the analysis time by accelerating procedures, simultaneously analyzing 16 samples and efficiently delivering precise results in just a few minutes.

Robust & Reliable

Our solutions are trusted in the industry for their reliability and efficiency in delivering results with precision. With the use of advanced photometric technology featuring LED emitters at fixed wavelengths, the device guarantees high sensitivity, a wide measuring range and exceptional repeatability of test results.

Ease Of Use

CDR FoodLabs for Wine has been engineered in such a way that it can be used not only in the laboratory but also on the production line for real-time results. It’s simple and can be easily operated by any personnel without the need for technical training. Additionally, the instrument has an online HELP function with step-by-step user guide.

Technical Specifications

Included calibrations
TestMeasuring rangeResolutionRepeatabilityTest time
Alcohol content0.10 - 2.00 % vol0.01 % vol.0.03 % vol.11 mins
Total acidity1.0 - 10.0 g/L0.1 g/L0.2 g/L1 min
Acetic acid0.05 - 1.20 g/L0.01 g/L0.06 g/L6 mins
(glucose, fructose) in wine
0.1 - 18.0 g/L0.1 g/L0.1 g/L6 mins
(glucose, fructose) in must
15 - 350 g/1 g/L2 g/L6 mins
(glucose, fructose, sucrose) in wine
4.0 – 100.0 g/L0.1 g/L0.7 g/L16 mins
(glucose, fructose, sucrose) in must
15 – 350 g/L1 g/L2 g/L16 mins
Glucose and fructose in wine0.1 – 18.0 g/L0.1 g/L0.1 g/L4 mins
Glucose and fructose in must15 – 350 g/L1 g/L2 g/L4 mins
Free So21 – 60 mg/L1 mg /L2 mg /L1 mins
Total So215 – 250 mg/L1 mg /L6 mg/L1 mins
L-Malic acid0.05 - 5.00 g/L0.01 g/L0.08 g/L9 mins
Malolactic0.05 - 5.00 g/L0.01 g/L0.08 g/L9 mins
pH3.00 – mins
Glycerol50 - 800 mg/L1 mg /L11 mg/L3 mins
Gluconic acid0.05 - 3.00 g/L0.01 g/L0.04 g/L4 mins
Galacturonic acid0.03 - 2.00 g/L0.01 g/L0.04 g/L4 mins
Acetaldehyde18 - 300 mg/L1 mg /L6 mg/L6 mins
Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen
(organic, inorganic)
30-300 mg/L1 mg /L15 mg/L4 mins
Calcium20.0 – 250.0 ppm0.1 ppm3.9 ppm1 mins
Copper0.05 -1.20 ppm0.01 ppm0.09 ppm6 mins
Total Polyphenols Index
O.D. 280 nm
2 – 3000 mg/L gallic acid1 mg /L65 mg/L10 mins
Polyphenols FC150 – 3300 mg/L gallic acid1 mg /L89 mg/L5 Mins
Total anthocyanins50 – 1700 mg/L1 mg /L11 mg/L5 mins
Anthocyanins Extraction on grapes15 – 75%1%2%6 mins
Polymerised Anthocyanins10.0 – 100.0 %0.10%0.50%11 mins
Catechins1.0 – 30.0 mg/L0.1 mg/L0.7 mg/L10 mins
Tannins0.3 – 5.5 g/L0.1 g/L0.1 g/L1 mins
HCl Index5 – 50131 min
(Intensity and tonality)
10.000 – 40.000 Intensity
0.000 - ∞ Tonality
0.000 – 13.500 420 nm reading
0.000 – 13.500 520 nm reading
0.000 – 13.500 620 nm reading
1 min

Easy Steps For Effortless Results

Solutions For Seamless Business Operations

At Everest Instruments, our services extend far beyond sales or purchases. They mark the beginning of a journey built on trust and continuity, ensuring your business operations are safeguarded throughout. Explore our cutting-edge devices designed to simplify the entire food & beverage industry process. Experience the benefits of our compact, lightweight and automated instruments tailored to elevate overall product quality.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is CDR FoodLab?

CDR FoodLab is a line of chemical analysis systems for quality and process control of foods and beverages. It can be used in the laboratory or on the production line, even without the need for specialised personnel.

What are the conditions required for a CDR FoodLab analyzer to work?

The CDR FoodLab analyzer is a device that can perform chemical analyses on various types of food and beverages, such as nuts, seeds, oils, wine, beer, etc1 Some of the conditions required for the analyzer to work are:
  • No use of toxic solvents 
  • Reading and incubation cells are thermostated at 37 °C 
  • No organic acid based cleaning substances should be applied

What can you analyze in CDR FoodLab Wine?

With CDR WineLab you no longer have to send wine and must samples to external laboratories, you can have the results of analyses in autonomy and in real time so that you can promptly make the most important decisions during the winemaking process.

Where can I buy the CDR FoodLab for Wine instrument?

The CDR FoodLab for Wine instrument is available through Everest Instruments Pvt. Ltd. as the exclusive authorized distributor.

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