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Fatscan Pro Smart Milk Analyzer

Fatscan Pro Smart Milk Analyzer

What is Fatscan Pro Smart Milk Analyzer?

A simple and cost-efficient device uniquely designed to deliver fast, reliable, innovative solutions for the dairy industry. It is based on the advanced Ultra-sonic technology approved for the food and pharma industry worldwide. Fatscan Pro Smart Milk Analyzer is user-friendly with smart cleaning, data synchronization and real-time monitoring features.   

What Can You Analyze?

You can accurately analyze the properties or characteristics of cow and buffalo milk such as fat, SNF, added water, density, protein and lactose. Furthermore, Fatscan Pro Smart Milk Analyzer also facilitates effectively measuring mixed milk components, of both cows and buffaloes.     

Where Can You Analyze?

At the dairy farms, dairy businesses and outlets and milk collection centers.

Analysis Time

Less Than or equal to 29 seconds. <= 29 seconds.

Measurement Principle: Ultrasonic technology

Measuring Parameters

FAT % and SNF of cow, buffalo & mixed milk; display, mechanical and electrical parameters; operational facilities, user interface, accessories and environmental conditions.


Measurement with Precision & Swiftness

Fatscan Double Sensor Smart Milk Analyzer’s advanced NIR technology provides our dairy farmers, milk collection centers, and the dairy, and F&B industry with rapid and precise analysis of milk properties. With just 29 seconds per sample, this robust instrument is a time saver, helps streamline operations and enhances efficiency in the dairy quality assessment.

Serves For A Longer Period

When compared to other analyzers in the market, Fatscan Double Sensor Smart Milk Analyzer serves much longer. Approved for the food & pharma industry worldwide, our robust device is also cost-efficient and reliable for measuring milk properties such as FAT, SNF and mixed milk of cows and buffaloes.

Simple & User-Friendly Calibrations

Fatscan Double Sensor Smart Milk Analyzer is a user-friendly product with a seamless calibration experience. It offers smart cleaning and data synchronization benefits on a mobile app or web portal with real-time results. With strong WIFI or Bluetooth connectivity, the analyzer seamlessly synchronizes the data ensuring accuracy and a hassle-free experience.

Technical Specifications

Included calibrations
Measuring ParametersFAT, SNF, Added Water, Density, Protein and Lactose
Display20 * 4 Character LCD
Power supplyAC Power Supply (230/Volt/50Hz), DC Power Supply (12 Volt)
Data SyncCleaning & Calibration Data Synchronization with Mobile, Application & Web Portal through WiFi or Bluetooth
Keypad8 Keys
UART/Serial Ports1 UART
USB Interface1 Host

Easy Steps For Effortless Results

Solutions For Seamless Business Operations

At Everest Instruments, our services do not end with a sale or a purchase. It is only the beginning of a journey of trust and continuity, ensuring your business operations are safeguarded throughout. Our timely performance monitoring reports, software updates, quick resolutions, and ad-hoc online and offline support among other services maintain the efficiency and quality of your operations.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FatScan smart milk analyzer?

The FatScan is a milk analyser that uses ultrasonic technology to measure the fat, protein, solids-not-fat (SNF), lactose, density, freezing point, added water, pH, temperature, and conductivity of milk. It is a fast, accurate, and reliable way to analyze milk quality.

How does the FatScan smart milk analyzer work?

The FatScan uses ultrasonic waves to measure the speed of sound in milk. The speed of sound is affected by the composition of the milk, so the analyzer can calculate the fat, protein, SNF, lactose, density, freezing point, added water, pH, temperature, and conductivity of the milk.

What are the benefits of using the FatScan smart milk analyser?

The FatScan offers several benefits over traditional methods of milk analysis, such as titration or chemical analysis. These benefits include:
  • Speed: The FatScan can analyze a sample of milk in just 30 seconds.
  • Accuracy: FatScan is accurate to within 0.05% for fat and protein, and 0.1% for SNF, lactose, density, freezing point, added water, pH, and temperature.
  • Reliability: FatScan is a rugged and reliable instrument that can be used in a variety of conditions.
  • Cost-effectiveness: FatScan is a cost-effective way to analyze milk quality.

Who should use the FatScan milk analyzer?

The FatScan ideal for dairy farmers, cheesemakers, and other food professionals who need to quickly and accurately analyze milk quality. It is also a good choice for research laboratories and quality control departments.

Where can I buy the FatScan smart milk analyzer?

Everest Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer and supplier of FatScan smart milk analyzer. You can contact them for a quote.

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