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Automatic Milk Collection System

Automatic Milk Collection System

What is an Automatic Milk Collection System?

The Automatic Milk Collection System is a cloud-based solution to automate the process of milk collection. From villages to dairy plants, this comprehensive multi-platform analytics digitizes the entire milk collection system. This advanced technological equipment effectively streamlines the dairy industry and also ensures higher efficiency and transparency.      

What Can You Analyze?

Our advanced instruments are expertly made to help you accurately analyze the properties or characteristics of raw cow, buffalo milk and Mix Milk. These parameters include, fat, SNF, added water, density, protein, lactose, that affect the overall quality of the milk collection process. The Automatic Milk Collection System delivers precise analysis and measurement of mixed milk components, of both cows and buffaloes.     

Where Can You Analyze?

At the Dairy farms, Dairy businesses and outlets and Milk Collection Centers.

Analysis Time

29 seconds per sample; 120 samples per hour 

Measurement Principle : Ultrasonic technology

Measuring Parameters

Fat, SNF, added water, density, protein, lactose of cow, buffalo & mixed milk; display, mechanical and electrical parameters; operational facilities, user interface, accessories and environmental conditions.

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    Real-Time Data Management

    A seamless and secure milk collection data synchronization through AES 128 Bit encryption. Additionally, the system enables remote rate chart management for easy modifications and uploading of multiple rate charts based on milk fat, SNF and work shifts etc.

    Transparent & Efficient Milk Procurement Operations

    Experience a transparent milk procurement process with real-time monitoring, instant analysis and comprehensive and accurate reporting. Our advanced system enables efficient milk procurement operations with geo-location tracking of DPU over a map, using latitude and longitude. Moreover, it can be seamlessly integrated with platforms like SAP, Oracle and ERP.

    Cashless Payment & Regional Language

    This automated system ensures a hassle-free cashless payment directly into the farmer’s account. Thus, building lasting trust and transparency in all financial transactions. With the incorporation of regional or local language features language is no longer a barrier for the farmers, enabling them to efficiently utilize this instrument without technical support.

    Technical Specifications

    Included calibrations
    Input Voltage230 V ±10% AC
    Input Frequency20 to 25 Khz (Variable)
    Power consumption24 watt max.
    Line Noise Filter
    Soft Start
    Input UV and OV protection
    DC Operation
    Input Voltage11 to 16 Volt DC (up to 30 Volt DC)
    Input Current2.2 amps max.
    Input UV protection

    Easy Steps For Effortless Results

    Solutions For Seamless Business Operations

    At Everest Instruments, our services do not end with a sale or a purchase. It is only the beginning of a journey of trust and continuity, ensuring your business operations are safeguarded throughout. Our cutting-edge devices simplify the entire dairy, food and beverage industry process. Explore our range of cost-efficient and automated instruments that are compact, lightweight and designed to improve overall product quality.

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