DA 7440 On – Line NIR System

DA 7440 On – Line NIR System

What is DA 7440 On – Line NIR System?

The DA 7440 is capable of real-time measurement of moisture, fat, sugar, flavorings, and other factors. It is extensively utilized in different food and agricultural processing scenarios, playing a crucial role in monitoring incoming ingredients and raw materials. Thus, streamlining production processes, and ensuring the quality of the final products. While it is commonly installed over conveyor belts, it also offers flexibility for alternative setups. 

What Can You Analyze?

Our advanced instruments are expertly made to help you accurately analyze the properties of  Grains, meals, flour, pastes, pellets, extruded products, etc. These parameters include moisture, fat, resin load of fibers, salt and spices, Nicotine, fibers, sugar, protein,etc.

Where Can You Analyze?

At Quality Process Plants

Analysis Time

Real Time 

Measurement Principle

On– Line, NIR

Measuring Parameters

Moisture, fat, resin load of fibers, salt and spices, Nicotine, fibers, sugar, protein, etc.

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    Production Optimization

    With its precise and real-time measurements, users can automate or manually control drying, cooling, ingredient additions, blending, or segregations based on the current requirements. The advanced DA technology automatically identifies the presence of product on the belt and accommodates process variations, such as changes in product height, color, and temperature, without compromising the accuracy of the measurements.

    Easy Integration into SCADA

    Through the integration of the instrument into the SCADA system, operators can conveniently view the results within a familiar operational environment. Furthermore, these results can be utilized for automated controls and reporting through a centralized reports system. The DA 7440 offers a range of communication options including OPC DA; Fieldbus including Profibus DP, and Modbus; Ethernet TCP/IP based Modbus/TCP and PROFINET and Analogue outputs.

    At-Line Display

    The system's functionality is further enhanced with an at-line display that offers a large and clear screen for easy access to real-time measurement results in graphical or numerical format. The display shows the instrument status through signaling and messages, providing a clear indication of the current state. Additionally, the touch-sensitive feature aids in grab sample collection, tagging corresponding measurements in the instrument database for future validation or calibration improvements.

    Technical Specifications

    Included calibrations
    Temperature range0°C - 40°C, 0 - 70 with Optional Cooler
    Ingress protectionIP65 or IP69k
    Humidity50% RH ±30%
    Mounting38 mm diameter
    Power230 V AC 50-60 Hz to the Junction box
    NetworkEthernet/TCP-IP 100/100 Mbps network to sensor, cabinet and at-line display
    Compressed air for air Purge3 bar, 6 mm diameter
    Flow rate30-60 1/min

    Easy Steps For Effortless Results

    Solutions For Seamless Business Operations

    At Everest Instruments, our services do not end with a sale or a purchase. It is only the beginning of a journey of trust and continuity, ensuring your business operations are safeguarded throughout. Our cutting-edge devices simplify the entire food and beverage industry process. Explore our range of cost-efficient and automated instruments that are compact, lightweight and designed to improve overall product quality.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are the key features of the DA 7440 NIR instrument?

      • It is an advanced, modern, and versatile on-line NIR sensor for over-the-belt type measurements.
      • It performs real-time multi-constituent measurements of a product on a processing line providing information for process control and quality monitoring.
      • It has a fast measurement time of 1 second.
      • It is easy to use and can be operated by untrained personnel.
      • It is compliant with the latest standards and regulations.

      What are the benefits of using the DA 7440 NIR instrument?

      • It can be used to quickly and accurately test a wide range of products in real time.
      • It can help to improve the quality and consistency of products.
      • It can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
      • It can help to comply with food safety regulations.

      What are the different tests that the DA 7440 NIR instrument can perform?

      • It can measure the moisture, protein, fat, fiber, starch, and many other parameters in a wide variety of products.
      • It can also be used to detect the presence of adulterants, such as water and antibiotics.

      Who is the DA 7440 NIR instrument for?

      • The DA 7440 NIR instrument is designed for food and agricultural processors, laboratories, and quality control departments.
      • It is also a good choice for research and development applications.

      How much does the DA 7440 NIR instrument cost?

      • The price of the DA 7440 NIR instrument varies depending on the configuration and options chosen.
      • You can contact Everest Instruments Pvt. Ltd. for a quote.

      Where can I buy the DA 7440 NIR instrument?

      The DA 7440 is available through Everest Instruments Pvt. Ltd. as the authorized exclusive distributor.

      What are the advantages of using on-line NIR instruments?

      • On-line NIR instruments can be used to monitor the composition of products in real time, which can help to improve quality control and food safety.
      • On-line NIR instruments are non-destructive, which means that the product is not damaged during testing.
      • On-line NIR instruments are relatively easy to use and maintain.

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