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DA 7250 At – line NIR Food Analyzer

DA 7250 At – line NIR Food Analyzer

What is a DA 7250 NIR Analysis System?

The DA 7250 is a near-infrared (NIR) analyser that is designed for use in the food and agricultural industries. It is a versatile instrument that can be used to measure a wide variety of components in food and agricultural products, including moisture, protein, fat, fiber, starch, ash etc.

It can used for Dairy Products/ Feed/ Grains/Wheat / Flour/ Chips/Sugar / Tobacco and many more

What Can You Analyze?

It can used for Dairy Products/ Feed/ Grains/Wheat / Flour/ Chips/Sugar / Tobacco and many more

Where Can You Analyze?

At Quality Lab at different industries

Analysis Time

6 seconds

Measurement Principle:  Down view reflection or transflectance

Measuring Parameters

for measuring parameters like Moisture / Protein/ Fiber/ Silica / Nicotine/Ash/ FFA / Brix/ Polarity and many more.


Touch screen with intuitive UI

The DA 7250™ is very easy to use and powerful. An intuitive user interface accompanied by a large touch screen ensures ease of use and confidence for the operator. The Netplus Remote web-based maintenance software can be used to reconfigure and validate it. With this system, product quality can be monitored around the clock, enabling efficiency boosts and reduced waste.

Fast and accurate spectra

The DA 7250™ utilizes a high-quality sensor to collect over more than 20 spectra per second as the sample moves. It also features advanced automatic standardization for wavelength and absorbance scales, improving accuracy, compensating for ambient changes, and alerting users to potential issues.

High Accuracy

Diode array technology in the DA 7250™ has no moving optical components, improving accuracy, stability, and enabling hardware standardization. This feature sets new standards in calibration transferability while removing potential failure points since there are no monochromators and vibrating mirrors.

Flexible connectivity

The DA 7250™ device and software system ensures seamless connectivity, allowing smooth data transfer with other programs. Connectivity is ensured by Ethernet and USB ports that allow connection with Windows-operated devices, including Wi-Fi dongles, mobile modems, barcode readers, and printers. The cutting-edge NetPlus cloud-based program permits result viewing from any place using web browsers. The instrument can also be managed remotely through either NetPlus or TeamViewer.

Technical Specifications

Included calibrations
Analysis time6 seconds
Sample typesGrains, Pellets, Powders, Pastes, Slurries, Liquids and more
Sample area analyzedUp to 108 cm2
Sample volumeFlexible 1-400 ml, depending on sample type
Display12” color touch screen
LanguageMultiple languages included. English, Chinese, Thai, Russian and many more
InterfacesUSB and Ethernet
Operating temperature range5 to 40°C
Ingress Protection per IEC60529IP65 certified
Wavelength Range950-1650 nm
DetectorIndium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs)
Wavelength Accuracy< +/-0.05 nm
Power requirements115 or 230 V, 50 or 60 Hz (specify by order)
Dimensions ( HxWxD )517 x 370 x 390
Net Weight13 kg

Easy Steps For Effortless Results

Solutions For Seamless Business Operations

At Everest Instruments, our services do not end with a sale or a purchase. It is only the beginning of a journey of trust and continuity, ensuring your business operations are safeguarded throughout. Our proven spectrum FT-IR Technology, with its advanced spectrometer and advanced graphical interface, easily fits into your milk collection process, meeting the rigorous demands of this dynamic dairy industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the DA 7250 NIR instrument?

  • It is a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use near-infrared (NIR) analyser designed for use in laboratory and at-line environments.
  • It uses NIR spectroscopy to quickly and accurately measure the moisture, protein, fat, fiber, starch, and many other parameters in all types of samples – powders, pellets, grains, pastes, cakes, meal, and slurries.
  • It has a fast measurement time of 6 seconds.
  • It is easy to use and can be operated by untrained personnel.
  • It is compliant with the latest standards and regulations.

What are the benefits of using the DA 7250 NIR instrument?

  • It can be used to quickly and accurately test a wide range of samples.
  • It can help to improve the quality and consistency of products.
  • It can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • It can help to comply with food safety regulations.

What are the different tests that the DA 7250 NIR instrument can perform?

  • It can measure the moisture, protein, fat, fiber, starch, and many other parameters in all types of samples.
  • It can also be used to detect the presence of adulterants, such as water and antibiotics.

Who is the DA 7250 NIR instrument for?

  • The DA 7250 NIR instrument is designed for use by food and agricultural processors, laboratories, and quality control departments.
  • It is also a good choice for research and development applications.

How much does the DA 7250 NIR instrument cost?

  • The price of the DA 7250 NIR instrument varies depending on the configuration and options chosen.
  • You can contact Everest Instruments Pvt. Ltd.  for a quote.

Where can I buy the DA 7250 NIR instrument?

  • The DA 7250 NIR instrument is available from Everest Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is their exclusive authorized distributor.

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