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Cross Platform Integration

As a trusted digital partner, Everest Instruments offers seamless platform integration services that reduce duplicity of work, eliminate manual intervention and enhance the efficiency and reliability of data. A seamless integration across applications and systems is essential for optimizing business operations, ensuring real-time accuracy and facilitating timely decisions. Furthermore, the solution furnishes user-friendly interfaces with highly modular endpoints for a smooth exchange of data.

Comprehensive Integrated Solutions


Enabling automated payment disbursement without manual uploads and facilitating host-to-host files for a secure API interface and banking integration.


Helps seamlessly integrate third-party systems with our milk procurement solutions. It also facilitates effortless data exchange and includes various equipment models within the same software platform.


Modular solutions ensuring your business has a competitive edge across ERP vendors like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracles or any other custom ERP. Additionally, we provide a seamless integrated mechanism without the need for ERP customization.

Available Solutions

Efficient milk procurement solutions tailored to your needs through both a centralized PC-based system and a cloud or web-based application with real-time accessibility.

Android-based Web Solution.

PC-based RMRD

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