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Milk Procurement Solution

Everest offers a one-stop Milk Procurement Solution which automates and digitizes all business operations. Our digital solutions help generate insightful Dashboards, Analytics & MIS, eliminating human errors, malpractices in operations, and the need for keeping redundant data. The system’s integrated modules seamlessly link the input cost and optimizations with the Purchase of Milk while real-time data from milk collection devices eliminates manual entry.

Holistic Dairy Operations


Streamline milk procurement with digital solutions covering all entities from plants and chilling centers to mapping of VSP to VLCCs.


Seamless material balancing from milk purchase at Collection Center to Production Plant Receipts.

Input Services
& Inventory

Facilitates input service registration, sales pricing and inventory management across multiple stakeholders.

Chilling Cost

The actual costs of DG set usage, and employee salary are included to have a complete cost calculation of milk procurement.


Generates payables for stakeholders like farmers, vendors, collection centers and BMC concessioners.

Asset Management &

Simplifies asset management and registration purchased from vendors with purchase date and warranty status.

Integrations, Mobile
Apps, Dashboards &

Helps users monitor operations, optimize processes and improve overall business performance with real-time updates and insights.

Available Solutions

Efficient milk procurement solutions tailored to your needs through both a centralized PC-based system and a cloud/web-based application with real-time accessibility.

Cloud & Web Based

PC Based

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