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BMC Milk Monitoring System

BMC Milk Monitoring System

What is BMC Monitoring System?

Bulk Milk Cooler (BMC) Monitoring System is a fully integrated solution designed to enhance operational efficiency, ensure safety and provide real-time monitoring for various milk monitoring parameters. This cutting-edge device empowers dairy farmers and processors to effectively optimize milk monitoring, ensure higher-level accountability, and receive unprecedented data collection capabilities.

What Can You Analyze?

Our advanced instruments are expertly made to measure various milk Monitoring parameters affecting the purity of milk. Its real-time monitoring system helps you accurately analyze the volume of milk present, temperature, the status of compressors, agitator power.

Where Can You Analyze?

At BMC Centers.

Analysis Time

Real Time Monitoring

Measurement Principle: Real Time Monitoring System

Measuring Functionality

Real Time Monitoring, Agitator Status, Milk Volume, Power Supply Status, BMC Temperature, Milk Dispatch, Compressor Status, Tank Cleaning, SMS ALERT

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    Efficient BMC Dashboard

    Our user-friendly dashboard offers a comprehensive view of bulk milk cooler operations. It enables businesses to make data-driven decisions. With our BMC dashboard, streamline your bulk milk management, enhance efficiency and optimize your dairy processes like never before.

    Configuration & Synchronization

    Seamless configuration and synchronization capabilities for simplifying milk monitoring across the dairy processing network. These robust features ensure consistent and accurate analysis for streamlining data collection, and effective decision-making to improve operational efficiency.

    Comprehensive Report & Dispatch Note

    Effectively generate a comprehensive report on the volume of milk present, temperature, milk properties and more. It additionally helps streamline your dispatch process with automated dispatch notes providing real-time monitoring results on milk quality, quantity and overall safety.

    Technical Specifications

    Included calibrations
    Processor Family32 bit Micro-controller
    ClockReal Time Clock for Date and Time
    Graphics LCD240X128
    Keypad4 x 5 with function keys
    FLASH MEMORY2 GB internal memory
    SD CardOn Board SD Card up to 32 GB
    USB1 OTG
    Power Supply12 V DC
    Battery Backup3 Hour Battery Backup
    Internet Connectivity – WIFIIn Built
    Internet Connectivity – 2G/3G/4GAvailable via add-on
    Bluetooth ConnectivityAvailable via add on
    Email FacilitySending Reports to configured email Ids
    SMS GatewaySending SMS to configured Mobile No.
    ProtocolTCP, HTTP and IOT
    Firmware Upgrade Over AirRemote upgrade via FOTA with Password
    USB Firmware UpgradeFirmware Upgrade via Android Application
    Data SyncReal-time / In background
    Temperature SensorHigh Accuracy (± 0.5 ºC)Range: -55 ºC to 125 ºC
    Pressure and Level SensorHydro static Pressure Sensor IP 67 (with cable fitting) IP 69 K (with plug-in connection)
    NO/NC Relay I/O8
    Audio SpeakerAudio Alert For Various Events such as Agitator ON/OFF, Compressor ON/OFF

    Easy Steps For Effortless Results

    Solutions For Seamless Business Operations

    At Everest Instruments, our services do not end with a sale or a purchase. It is only the beginning of a journey of trust and continuity, ensuring your business operations are safeguarded throughout. Our cutting-edge devices simplify the entire process of milk collection. Explore our range of cost-efficient and automated instruments that are compact, lightweight and designed to improve overall product quality and meet the dairy and F&B industry needs.

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