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Smart Weighing Scale

Smart Weighing Scale

What is a Smart Weighing Scale?

Smart Weighing Scale is a compact lightweight device enabled with LCD, GPS and a battery backup. It is a high-speed advanced microcontroller, 24-Bit ADC with password protection in calibration and user rights. Recognized for its excellent performance, endurance, accuracy and long service life, our weighing solutions are designed to automate your complete weighing needs.

What Is the Weighing Capacity?

Upto 25 Kg with the ability to take multiple measurements.

Where Can You Use The Weighing Scales?

With a battery backup, SPP-based Bluetooth module and class III accuracy compliance, our weighing solutions can be utilized anytime, anywhere, from production houses to even collection centers.

Weight Accuracy

In accordance with the standards of Weight & Measures Rules, 1987.


Our weighing solutions are BIS Approved as per IS 9281: Part 3- 1981.

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    Cost Effective & Easy To Maintain

    While maintaining remarkable cost effectiveness, our smart weighing scales enable accurate results with unmatched speed to seamlessly meet your diverse weighing needs. Furthermore, these weighing scales are also designed for hassle-free maintenance, saving valuable time and minimizing the need for frequent servicing.

    Prolonged Battery Life & GPS Interface

    Equipped with advanced GPS capabilities and a minimum 20-hour battery backup facility ensuring precision, our Smart Weighing Scale ensures enhanced precision and effective usage. These features are essential for seamless operations and reliable results.

    Substantial Weighing Capacity

    With a robust weighing capacity of up to 25 Kg and the convenience of conducting multiple measurements, our weighing solutions have the integrated functionality of delivering precision. The inbuilt features enable communication of four essential attributes – Date, Timestamp, Weight, GPS Coordinates and Device ID from Bluetooth to any connected device having Android or Windows in a predetermined JSON format.

    Technical Specifications

    Included calibrations
    Scale Dimension( l x w x h )20-25 cm x 20-25 cm x 7 cm (max)
    Pan (Platform) size20-25 cm x 20-25 cm
    Weight of ScaleMaximum 2.5 Kg (including battery)
    Material1. Scale: Stainless Steel/High quality toughened plastic body 2. Pan (Platform): Metal Plate
    Weighing CapacityMaximum 25 Kg
    LCD/LED Display Unit1. Display of Date, Time and Device ID while booting the machine.
    2 .Weight in Kg format, up to three digits after decimal (in grams)
    Accuracy /PrecisionClass – III accuracy compliance. Least count 10 gram (max).
    Indicators1. Device On/Off LED.
    2. Low Battery LED.
    3. Charging in progress LED : When connected to AC power source.
    4. Charge level indicator.
    5. GPS Connection indicator
    TypeCantilever load cell
    Waterproof protectionIP65. Waterproof carry bag with the size of a scale.
    Battery 1. Lithium-ion re-chargeable battery with circuit/battery protection design inbuilt.
    2. Battery having minimum 2200 mAH capacity, to provide 14-15 hour backup,
    should last up to one week with proper operation (Daily 1.5 to 2 hours of
    continuous use) of the device.
    3. Battery Charger: Universal Battery Charger, to fully charge the machine in 4-5
    4. Low battery indicator LED should start when at least 2-2.5 hr back-up is
    Connectivity1. SPP (Serial Port Protocol) based Bluetooth module having Classic Bluetooth
    chipset which can be paired with from any older device mobile phone model to
    latest android mobiles, windows based Netbooks/laptops /desktops etc.
    2. Pairing password for Bluetooth communication security
    GPSGPS module with external Antenna on top of the body, having accuracy about 5-10
    Output Data Format1. Standard JSON based format along with facility for pairing password for security.
    Pairing password shall be unique per device.
    2. JSON Format includes: Date & Time stamp, Weight in Kgs up to 3 places after
    decimal, GPS Coordinates (latitude, longitude), Device ID. (MAC ID)
    Operation Keys1. ON/OFF : Button on the scale to switch on /off the device.
    2. TARE : Button on the scale for tare arrangement.
    3. M+ : Button on the scale to allow accumulation of weight in memory.
    4. MR : Button on the scale to recall the accumulated weight available in memory.
    5. MC : Button on the scale to clear the accumulated weight, if any available in
    6. SEND : Separate button on the scale to forward the data to connected device. In
    case, GPS signals are not available (indoors), the SEND button will not forward
    the data string, display message “No GPS Signal !!!”
    7. CALIBRATION : A mechanism/switch combination available in the machine to
    calibrate unit, if required

    Easy Steps For Effortless Results

    Solutions For Seamless Business Operations

    At Everest Instruments, our services extend far beyond sales or purchases. They mark the beginning of a journey built on trust and continuity, ensuring your business operations are safeguarded throughout. Explore our cutting-edge devices designed to simplify the entire dairy, food & beverage industry. Experience the benefits of our compact, lightweight and automated instruments tailored to elevate overall product quality.

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