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Melamine Rapid Test Kit

Melamine Rapid Test Kit

What is a Melamine Rapid Test Kit?

The Melamine Rapid Test Kit is a specialized instrument that effectively analyzes the qualitative level of Melamine in the raw milk of a cow. Furthermore, this test is designed for rapid field use or daily control in laboratories to ensure the safety of the milk.

What Can You Analyze?

A comprehensive range of tests to detect harmful substances like melamine contamination. You can further analyze the quality of raw milk with swift and precise results.

Where Can You Analyze?

You can analyze in laboratories and production facilities without requiring technical experts or any specialized personnel.

Analysis Time

Less than 10 minutes.

Measurement Principle

Rapid Test Kit

Measuring Parameters

A complete analysis panel to detect Melamine. The content of the kit includes 96 Test Strips, 96 Microwell or Reaction Wells, Positive Control, Negative Control, Pipette, Pipette Tips, Microwell Holder and a QR Code.

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    Swift Detection

    Helps quickly and efficiently identify Melamine which is one of the major contaminants of milk and other dairy products. This kit ensures both safety and good quality of milk and milk products for consumption, thus preventing several health risks.

    Field & Laboratory Use

    Designed for both rapid field testing and daily control in the laboratory, the kit provides flexibility and ease of use. With a capacity for 96 tests, it is an effective solution for quality control and safe milk production. Furthermore, the kit’s storage requirement in a dry place away from sunlight at 2-8 degrees Celsius without freezing makes it easier for milk producers and processors to improve the safety and quality of the milk.

    Technical Specifications

    Included calibrations
    Kit ContentsQtyStorage
    Test strip96 strips2-8°C
    Microwells (Reaction wells)96 wells2-8°C
    Positive control (Penicillin G: 3 ppb, Tetracycline: 25ppb, Sulfamethazine : 25ppb) )12-8°C
    Negative control12-8°C
    Pipette tips100
    Microwell holder1
    QR Code1

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